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Anti-Cancer Effects, General Immune System Boosting, and Heavy Metal Detoxification from Specially Processed Shark Liver Oil. Dr Harvey Kaltsas, D.O.M., D.A.C

Ecomer Shark Liver Oil

Ecomer ® from American Nutriceuticals "The orginal Alkylglycerols™ "
A Unique Natural Product Promoting a strong Immune System

Alkyglycerols occur naturally in mother's milk and in the bone marrow, in the liver and in the spleen.

Shark Liver oil contains the highest concentration of alkyglycerols found in nature.

ECOMER is particularly rich in alkylycerols. Taking ECOMER capsules regularly helps ensure that the body has sufficient level of the immuno-enhancing alkylglycerols.

ECOMER is a result of over 40 years of scientific research and development work conducted by several scientists around the world. Many studies have shown that ECOMER stimulates the immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells ( leucocytes) to the normal level and encouraging growth of antibodies.

If ECOMER is added to the diet the production of antibodies in the bone marrow is speeded up. A strong immune system helps protect against various immunological disorders, such as the common cold, allergies, eczema, psoriasis etc.

It has also been shown that people suffering from reduced white blood cell count and blood platelets will have a normalized blood cell count and strengthened immune system after regular intake of ECOMER™ .

ECOMER's natural stimulating effect on the immune system, makes it particularly useful during cold and flu season. This same stimulating action is also effective against various bacterial and fungal infections.

Effects of Alkylglycerols
•Dramatic protection against the effects of radiation on blood cells, bone marrow, and tissue such as skin.
•Inhibition of Tumour growth and promotion of tumour regression.
•Increase of immuno-defence system ( white blood cells and antibodies).
•Significant boost in platelet counts.
•Speed up of the growth of new healthy tissue and the healing of wounds.
•Inhibition of bacteria and fungi.

DR Harvey J .Kaltsas , D.O.M D.A.C in Alternative Medicine issue # 35 (
States that his understandings come from a review of literally reams of peer research in which Ecomer Alkylglycerols was the specfic therapeutic agent. That he knows of no other shark liver oil manufacturer that can point to such extensive clinical trials using their own products.

Modern research is also confirming the traditional beneficial effects. Early on, Astrid Brohult showed that taking alklglycerols during course of radiation prevents, or at least reduces, leukopenia ( decrease in white blood cells) and thrombocytopenia ( reduction in the number of platelets) inevitable consequence of radiation therapy.

All of my cancer patients with these conditions have shown remarkable improvements by taking Ecomer at a dosage of two, three times a day. Many other beneficial effects of alkylglycerols have been or are being studied. For example, a vast research project conducted at Radiumhemmet in Stockholm, Sweden, showed that women with uterine cervical carcinoma had a significantly better survival rate when given Ecomer than patients not given the supplement.

Further studies showed that taking Ecomer Alkylglycerols could reduce radiation injuries as much as 60%. Even more surprising , when patients took Ecomer for period as short as five to seven days prior to radiation therapy to matigate radiation's injurious effects, there was a clear regression in tumour growth from the Ecomer alone.

In 1998, researchers a the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm studied the effects of Ecomer Alkylglycerols on cellular growth in cultures taken from breast cancer tumours, and tested their sensitivity to commonly used chemotherapeutic agents (cytostatics).

In eight out of ten caes, combining Ecomer Alkylglycerols with cytostatics significantly enhanced their effectiveness. The concentration of Ecomer was approximately 100 times higher in dying cancer cells than in non-malignant cells. He also goes on to say that Two features set Ecomer apart from other shark liver oil/Alkylglycerol products on the market.

First, the alkylglycerols are molecularly distilled, reducing squalene and cholesterol to a minimum level and totally eliminating toxic impurities such as PCB, DDT and heavy metals. Such contaminants ( which are not found in Ecomer but are found in other brands) inhibit the liver's ability to utilize alkylglycerols properly, and they add their own stress to the immune system.

Second, unlike other commercially available alkylglycerols, Ecomer contains methoxy-substituted alkylglycerols . Because of the methoxy radical's ability to penetrate the outer membranes of cancer cells, these alkylglycerols possess important biological qualities:

ECOMER® is a pure natural product without chemical additives. ECOMER is both prophylactic and treating.

Ecomer alkylglycerols are derived by a unique proprietary process from the liver of sharks the from Arctic Sea. Shark liver oil contains approximately 5% alkylglycerols and metoxisubstituted glycerol ethers.

Squalene and cholesterol have been reduced to a minimum level and toxic impurities such as PCB, DDT and heavy metals have been eliminated. The unique and sophisticated process is standardized, which means that each manufactured batch has the same content of active ingredients, and during the whole process it is carefully controlled.

The unique combination of active alkylglycerols in Ecomer has been isolated by a natural production process.

Each capsule of Ecomer contains 50mg of the unique combination of alkylglycerols in totally 250 mg shark liver oil.
Dosage 1-2 capsules 2-3 times daily, the lower in prophylactic purpose.
ECOMER (120 caps) is available in soft gelatin capsules packed in tamper proof blister packs.



" You live as long as you can can defend yourself"
Ecomer is manufactured for and distributed by American Nutriceuticals Inc
and available from Health Solutions Direct

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S.A. or the Ministry of Health in New Zealand. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Disclaimer: This information is intended for educational purposes only. No information or product described herein should be relied upon implicitly to diagnose , treat, cure or prevent diseases . Please make your own conclusion or consult your health profession